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Lessons for Ukraine from Syria (The Conversation)
by Kimberly Howe and Elizabeth Stites
The horrors that Ukrainians are facing are all too familiar to people in Syria. And the international aid community can learn lessons from experiences there—starting with the importance of listening to the locals.

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The social climbing corgi (Slate)
by Stephanie Howard-Smith
When Bridgerton, set in Regency England, features a corgi, it’s an anachronism and a nod to the breed’s association with modern British royalty. But corgis weren’t always classy dogs.

How First Nations are reviving caribou herds (CBC News)
by Courtney Dickson
A herd of caribou in British Columbia was down to just 38 members in 2013. Today that number has tripled, thanks to a collaboration involving two First Nations that have longstanding ties with the animals and the land on which they live.

Mothers’ guilt across the centuries (Nursing Clio)
by Elizabeth Zeman Kolkovich
Facing the hardships of parenting premature infants and a medical system that often instills guilt in new mothers, a literature scholar turned to a poet who experienced parallel difficulties centuries ago.

Yes, young people really are suffering (Vox)
by Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg
A new global mental wellbeing survey reveals how young adults are faring in the face of the pandemic and unprecedented technological change. It suggests reasons some societies are weathering the pressures with less difficulty than others.

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