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Five new books out this week, and links to related content you won’t find anywhere else.

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Good timing for David Goldblatt’s nonfiction book The Games: A Global History of the Olympics, as Rio de Janeiro gears up to host this summer’s games.

Literary superstar Dave Eggers is back with a new novel, Heroes of the Frontier, about a family adventuring in Alaska. His book What is the What was a postmodern experiment in world literature; an interesting critique of it can be read here.

You Will Know Me is Megan Abbott‘s hotly anticipated new literary thriller about an aspiring young gymnast and Olympic hopeful. We think this pairs perfectly with George David Clark’s dark-edged poem, “The Secret Life of Lady Gymnasts.”

Neuroscientist Dean Burnett explores the foibles of the human brain in the nonfiction book Idiot Brain: What Your Head is Really Up To. The book is probably pretty funny; Burnett is also a stand-up comedian.

Odie Lindsey is a war veteran who has written a collection of short stories, We Come To Our Senses, about people affected by combat. Read his powerful short story “Two Days Gone” here.


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