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Khuram Hussain

Khuram Hussain

Khuram Hussain completed his Ph.D. in the Cultural Foundations of Education at Syracuse University. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Education and Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. His classes explore the efforts of social actors that attempt to reinscribe education as a site for culturally responsive, community-oriented, democratic learning. He has published dozens of peer-reviewed essays related to media, education and anti-racism. He is a member of the Black Press Research Collective and his book, Weapons for Minds: The Political Imagery of Muhammad Speaks, 1960 – 1975, is under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press.

From the cover of Volume 12, Issue 7 of Muhammad Speaks

Muhammad Speaks for Freedom, Justice, and Equality

The official newspaper of the Nation of Islam—published from 1960-1975—combined investigative journalism and Black Nationalist views on racial uplift.