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Joanna Pocock

Joanna Pocock

Joanna Pocock is a British-Canadian writer living in London via Montana. Her essays, reviews, and travel pieces have appeared in The Dark Mountain Project, Distinctly Montana, Litro, The London Sunday Independent, The Los Angeles Times, the Nation, Orion, The Tahoma Literary Review, and 3:AM, among other publications. In 2017, she was shortlisted for the Barry Lopez Narrative Nonfiction Prize. She teaches creative writing at the University of the Arts in London, England and works as a freelance editor when she isn’t writing and teaching.

A camper van parked beside some trees in the fog

The New Nomads of #VanLife Reflect an Enduring Divide

A distinctly American restlessness is inspiring some to abandon the idea of a permanent home, while others are displaced by harsh realities.
Wild Child earth day

Re-Wild Your Child!

On Earth Day, one mom argues for “green time” over “screen time.”
kids with medals

Are We Spoiling Our Kids with Too Much Praise?

Is the “gold medal for all” approach fueling a generation of narcissists?
introverted children

In Defense of Introverted Children

As the mother of an introverted child, I felt unnerved by the reactions of adults around me to my daughter’s quietness.
Only child

Not So Lonely: Busting the Myth of the Only Child

A burgeoning acceptance toward families with only one child is finally starting to creep into society at large, eliminating the mythical stereotype.