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Brittany Marshall

Brittany Marshall

Brittany Marshall is a teacher and published author in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is most passionate about all things queer, Black, and woman. With a strong commitment to social justice through literature and education, she is currently serving as the Engagement and Curriculum Fellow for the American Prison Newspapers Collection. Contact her on Twitter @msbee_marshall.

What Can Native American People in Prison Teach Us About Community and Art?

An exploration of creativity, ingenuity, and resilience using the American Prison Newspapers collection and JSTOR. The second curriculum guide in this series.
closeup of the hancduffed hands of a person patterned as the gay pride flag

Teaching LGBTQ+ History: Queer Women’s Experiences in Prison

This instructional guide is the first in a series of curricular content related to the Reveal Digital American Prison Newspaper collection on JSTOR.