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Anne Delaney

Anne Delaney

Anne Delaney is a sociolinguist for JSTOR Daily, offering monthly musings on the interplay of language and culture, and how social and cultural factors influence our communication.


Since 2018, she has been location-independent, working in nine countries, observing, learning, and teaching language. Anne currently lives a life by design in Sintra, Portugal and the United States. With an extensive background in professional English language coaching, talent development, and a vibrant client practice with her firm, Excelsior English, she explores where language lives at life’s many contextual intersections.

An illustration of a mechanical watch mechanism

Chronemics and the Nonverbal Language of Time

Through the lens of chronemics, we can examine why time appears to have a different essence at, well, different times.
Two open mouths with water ripples emanating out towards each other

Words on the Way In: A Retrospective

The first installment of a new column on living language: talking about COVID (talk)