From the cover of Feeling Asian American by Wen Liu

Racial Hierarchies: Japanese American Immigrants in California

The belief of first-generation Japanese immigrants in their racial superiority over Filipinos was a by-product of the San Joaquin Delta's white hegemony.
From Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, which Matilda Tone edited and published, though credit was attributed to her son

Matilda Tone, Historian of Irish Republicanism

Through the work and writing of Matilda Tone, her late husband, Theobold Wolfe Tone, was constructed as the hero of Irish republicanism.
Bell Telephone, 1922

A Prehistory of Zoom

Concerns about privacy and pressures regarding the physical appearance of women and their homes contributed to the failure of AT&T’s 1960s Picturephone.
A young woman sits on the grass with her baby, USA, circa 1975

Motherhood in America: A Reading List

The experience and work of motherhood remained understudied for generations, but since the 1970s, scholars have engaged with the topic in diverse ways.
A briefcase with a pirate flag symbol

Modern Piracy: Arbitration as Plunder

In a world of globalized trade, an industry of piratical lawyers has arisen to help transnational corporations seize the assets of supposedly sovereign states.

What’s a Mental Health Diagnosis For?

Following the publication of the DSM-5, mental health professionals debated the expansion of “mental illness” to include normal parts of the human condition.
Cyrano de Bergerac

The Seventeenth-Century Space Race (for the Soul)

The astronomical discoveries of the 1600s—such as Saturn’s rings—prompted new questions about the structure of the cosmos and humans’ place in it.
Christopher Strachey of the National Research Development Corporation demonstrates the memory drum of the Ferranti Mark 1, (also known as the Manchester Electronic Computer), which has 2,000 leads and functions in a similar way to the human brain, Moston, Manchester, February 1955.

The Love Letter Generator That Foretold ChatGPT

Alan Turing and Christopher Strachey created a ground-breaking computer program that allowed them to express affection vicariously when so doing publicly, as gay men, was criminal.
Burlesque dancer Mary Mack reclining on a chaise longue, circa 1950.

Burlesque Beginnings

From its nineteenth-century origins, burlesque developed into a self-aware performance art that celebrates the female form and challenges social norms.
President Nixon with his edited transcripts of the White House Tapes subpoenaed by the Special Prosecutor, during his speech to the Nation on Watergate

Power over Presidential Records

By law, all communications seen and/or touched by a United States president are supposed to be preserved. Reality—and executive privilege—is a lot messier.