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Ashley Gardini

Ashley Gardini

Ashley Gardini is an architectural historian based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She teaches art history and architectural history as an adjunct instructor at local community colleges. Her specialization is in twentieth-century architecture. Gardini is also an active member of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) and is currently serving as a member of the SAH Board. Follow her on Twitter and Mastodon.

Photograph of Chinatown YWCA in San Francisco (now used by the Chinese Historical Society). Julia Morgan architect.

Julia Morgan, American Architect

Morgan, the first licensed woman architect in California, helped bring parity to the built environment, the community, and the profession.
Nakagin Capsule Tower in 2021

Tearing Down Nakagin Capsule Tower

Japanese Metabolists argued that architecture should be adaptable, changing as a city changed. Why, then, is this icon of Metabolism being dismantled?