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Animal Dreams, Animal Play (Undark)
by David Toomey
Many animals, including humans, play together and dream during sleep. Neither behavior has an obvious purpose, but they may help prepare creatures for the unexpected in a similar way.

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The Cold-Water Women Divers of Japan (Nautilus)
by Sofia Quaglia
For thousands of years, female Ama divers have been free-diving to catch abalone, sea snails, and sea urchins in Japan’s coastal waters. Today the job may be harder than ever, but it represents a lifestyle that some are eager to keep alive.

Our Social Performances (Aeon)
by Lucy McDonald
Why do you laugh after taking an embarrassing spill on the sidewalk? Why do you smile at that fellow pedestrian only if they’re walking a dog? According to sociologist Erving Goffman, it’s because we’re always kind of on stage.

Is There a Future for Nuclear Power? (Knowable Magazine)
by Nicola Jones
To some, nuclear power has an obvious role to play in a future of carbon-free energy. But there are big questions not just around the plants’ safety but concerning sustainability, economics, and technological capabilities.

Testing Assumptions About Pregnancies (Nursing Clio)
by Stephanie Gorton
It may seem natural to us today that someone who may be pregnant would want a definitive answer as soon as possible. But that wasn’t necessarily always the case. Pregnancy testing has shaped, and been shaped by, many cultural and technological currents.

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