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The Right to Privacy, After Roe (Politico)
by Myah Ward
If Roe v. Wade is really overturned, it will raise questions about the many other Supreme Court decisions founded on the right to privacy. Legal scholars weigh in on what could happen next.

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Get Ready for Soft Electronics (Knowable Magazine)
by Kurt Kleiner
Bendable phones. Electronic circuits that can heal themselves. Temporary tattoos that act as electrodes. The strange liquid metal gallium could revolutionize our machines and the way we interact with them.

A Different Kind of Oil Spill (Recode)
by Neel Dhanesha
We all know about the dangers of dumping oil into the ocean. But sometimes the spills come after oil has been transformed into nurdles, the tiny building blocks of plastic goods. Trillions infiltrate marine systems each year, harming fish, birds, and other sea life.

When Golden Retrievers Don’t Retrieve (NPR)
by Becky Sullivan
Beagles howl and border collies follow direction—except when they don’t. A new study finds that dogs’ behaviors are less correlated with their breeds than we might think.

A Black History of Las Vegas (Black Perspectives)
by Kendra Gage, Javon Johnson, and Tyler D. Parry
Twentieth-century segregation wasn’t confined to the South. ‘Sin City’ had its own brand, affecting Black residents, performers, and visitors. That history still echoes in the city today.

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