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The Gorgeous Sights of Carnival in Venice (Atlas Obscura)
by Sarah Durn
Once upon a time, Venice’s Carnival season was a time of revelry, excess, and inversion of hierarchies. Then, it was a playground for elites—before being canceled altogether. Today, it’s back and as enthralling as ever.

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Letting Big Tech Into Our Brains (Undark)
by Michael Nolan
Tech companies are increasingly adopting devices capable of sensing brain activity for use in consumer devices. Advertising may never be the same.

Our Own Personal Universes (Vox)
by Oshan Jarow
Some people can’t picture visual images in their minds. Some have no internal monologue. A new census of individuals’ experiences of perception aims to help us understand each other—and ourselves.

Tapping Africa’s Energy (Yale Environment 360)
by Fred Pearce
Europe’s quest for green energy has the continent looking to sunny North Africa. What does this mean for people and ecosystems living in the new projects’ growing shadows?

The Remarkable Partnership of Angela Davis and Toni Morrison (Public Books)
by Melina Moe
Angela Davis and Toni Morrison had very different approaches to politics and the written word. They came together to create Davis’s powerful autobiography and fight for their vision in the 1970s publishing world.

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