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The Mystery of the Underwater Sandwiches (Wired)
by Gregory Barber
In 1968, a tiny scientific vessel was lost below the waves, along with its operators’ lunches. When it was recovered ten months later, the food was still pretty much edible. The reasons have implications for the fight against climate change. Read the original research  about those underwater sandwiches from 1971.

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The Rise of Black Radio (Black Perspectives)
by Bala James Baptiste
For its first fifty years, commercial American radio was virtually an all-white space. That changed thanks to enterprising Black hosts on independent stations and, eventually, intervention by the federal government.

The Mysterious Beavers (Literary Hub)
by Leila Philip
Beavers have shaped human life in North America, from ancient economies to sports mascots. But what can we know about how these master engineers navigate their worlds?

Some Weird Tricks for Fighting Pests (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Bethany Brookshire
From an automatic gun-shooting mousetrap to anti-bunny viruses, humans have tried some extremely strange methods for ridding themselves of pesky creatures.

The Vibrant Life of the Ancient Arctic (The Guardian)
by Hannah Devlin
Two million years ago, the Arctic was far warmer than it is today. Now, thanks to the recovery and analysis of extremely ancient DNA, we know a lot about what life was like in ancient Greenland.

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Science, New Series, Vol. 171, No. 3972 (Feb. 19, 1971), pp. 672-675
American Association for the Advancement of Science