Digital generated image of futuristic cubes connecting.

Why Architects Need Philosophy to Guide the AI Design Revolution

Architecture in the age of AI—argues professor Nayef Al-Rodhan—should embed philosophical inquiry in its transdisciplinary toolkit.
A trio of woolly mammoths trudges over snow covered hills. Behind them, mountains with snow covered peaks rise above dark green forests of fir trees. 3D Rendering

Did Inbreeding Cause the Woolly Mammoth’s Extinction?

Research suggests it was more sudden than that.
Eoraptor lunensis lived roughly 230 million years ago, at a time when dinosaurs were small and rare.

Growing Quickly Helped the Earliest Dinosaurs

Rapid growth also helped other ancient reptiles flourish in the aftermath of mass extinction.
An image of Enceladus assembled using infrared, green, ultraviolet, and clear filtered images taken by Cassini on July 14, 2005

Saturn’s Ocean Moon Enceladus Is Able to Support Life

This research team is working out how to detect extraterrestrial cells in the liquid water ocean hidden beneath Enceladus’s icy crust.
IceCube Neutrino Observatory in 2023

IceCube Detector Confirms Deep-Space “Ghost Particle” Phenomenon

IceCube scientists have detected high-energy tau neutrinos from deep space, suggesting that neutrino transformations occur not only in lab experiments but also over cosmic distances.
The OmegaCAM imager on ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope has captured this glittering view of the stellar nursery called Sharpless 29. Many astronomical phenomena can be seen in this giant image, including cosmic dust and gas clouds that reflect, absorb, and re-emit the light of hot young stars within the nebula.

How the Universe Forges Stars from Cosmic Clouds

A deep dive into the chaotic journey of star formation.
MeerKAT telescopes

MeerKAT: The South African Radio Telescope That’s Transformed Our Understanding of the Cosmos

MeerKAT has emerged as a beacon of innovation and opportunity on the African continent.
Looking northwards in the Isle of Skye Scotland

Surprising Discovery Challenges Key Principle of Modern Cosmology

Observations of an enormous cosmic structure, dubbed the "Big Ring," seem to violate the Copernican principle.
A photograph from the Mars Perseverance rover, 2021

NASA’s Search for Life on Mars

It’s a rocky road for its rovers, a long slog for scientists—and back on Earth, a battle of the budget.
An illustration of Spaghettification from NASA's Imagine the Universe!

“Spaghettification”: How Black Holes Stretch Objects into Oblivion

Want to avoid getting “spaghettified” by a black hole? Steer clear of the smaller ones.