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Since debuting on October 1, 2014, JSTOR Daily has published over 1,700 articles on an eclectic mix of topics from the moral threat of bicycles in the nineteenth-century to fake grammar rules. Admittedly, we write about birds a lot, too. All of our stories provide free links to relevant, peer-reviewed research and literature on JSTOR.

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To celebrate our first two years, we’ve gathered some of your favorite stories from the site and ours. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.


All-Time Greatest Hits

Scientists Have An Answer to How the Pyramids Were Built (Hint: sleds, water, sand.)

Bald Eagles Are Back from the Brink (Some feel-good news.)

Why Turkish Delight Was C.S. Lewis’s Guilty Pleasure (The sweet secrets behinds Lewis’s fascination with the candy.)

America’s Workforce Runs on Uppers (A surprising epidemic in the white collar world.)

The True Story of Juana Maria and The Island of Blue Dolphins (The real woman behind the popular YA novel.)


Staff Favorites

When San Diego Hired a Rainmaker a Century Ago, It Poured

Will Art Save Our Descendants from Nuclear Waste?

Dear Paleoanthropology, Homo Naledi Just Shifted Your Paradigm

In Which We Get to the Bottom of Some Crazy-Ass Language


Profiles of Cool, but Obscure People

Dorothy Bennett: globetrotting anthropologist

Tony Schwartz: atypical adman

Sidney Robertson Cowell: folk musicologist who recorded America

Paul Otlet: information scientist who predicted the internet


Our Intrepid Columnists

Lingua Obscura: Chi Luu on linguistics

The Digital Voyage: Alexandra Samuel on technology

Re: Wild: Juliet Lamb on animals and the wild world


Stories You May Have Missed

Why Myanmar Jailed Mangrove Activists

Victorians’ Obsession with Wax Flowers

318 Words for Snow: How to Preserve the Indigenous Languages of the Arctic

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