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Rebecca Bodenheimer

Rebecca Bodenheimer

Rebecca Bodenheimer is a freelance writer and cultural critic whose work has been published by CNN, the LA Times, Vice, Foreign Policy, Inside Higher Ed, and many other outlets. She has a PhD in ethnomusicology and is the author of Geographies of Cubanidad: Place, Race, and Musical Performance in Contemporary Cuba. Her freelance writing can be found here and you can follow her on twitter @rmbodenheimer.

From Puck, 1898

Annexation Nation

Since 1823, when the Monroe Doctrine was first introduced to the world, the US has regarded Cuba as key to its designs for Latin America.
A Thomas Kinkade puzzle

What’s Behind the Pandemic Puzzle Craze?

Puzzles, or “dissected maps,” were invented in Georgian-era England, probably by a mapmaker named John Spilsbury in the early 1760s.