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Matt Langione

Matt Langione

Langione recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, where his dissertation, “Felt Thought: Neuroscience, Modernism and the Intelligence of Poetry,” called on cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and the history of science and technology in order to establish what exactly is going on in the brain as we read literature and why it might prove valuable both to the individual and to society. He has previously studied literature (Cambridge) and neuroscience (Penn), and his research has been cited in The Atlantic and on NPR.

Enigma machine

Will Reading Romance Novels Make Artificial Intelligence More Human?

Google is feeding its natural language AI thousands of romance novels in an effort to humanize its “conversational tone.” Will this give it "humanness?"
Landscape of Thorns

Will Art Save Our Descendants from Radioactive Waste?

What if the great threat to human life isn't a bomb dropping down from above but radioactive waste creeping up from below? Will art come to our rescue then?