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Lela Nargi

Lela Nargi

Lela Nargi is a veteran journalist who writes about science, food and food policy, and sustainability for a wide variety of outlets, including Civil Eats, NPR’s The Salt, Sierra, Mental Floss, and Science News for Students. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Two people gathering seeds

Can Crops’ Wild Relatives Save Troubled Agriculture?

Cultivating a limited number of crops reduced the genetic diversity of plants, endangering harvests. Seed collectors hope to fix it by finding the plants’ wild cousins.
A tree in a native forest planted by Afforestt

The Miyawaki Method: A Better Way to Build Forests?

India’s forest production company is following the tenets of the master Japanese botanist, restoring biodiversity in resource-depleted communities.
A cow in a field

Can Cows Help Mitigate Climate Change? Yes, They Can!

Livestock emit greenhouse gases. They also can sequester carbon and boost biodiversity.