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Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Hannah Steinkopf-Frank is a writer and photographer whose work has appeared in Atlas Obscura, Bitch Media, Teen Vogue and Lit Hub. She enjoys learning about forgotten figures in history, sewing her own vintage-inspired clothes and playing 1960s girl group songs on guitar. She is a graduate student in journalism and international affairs at Sciences Po in Paris.

American social reformer and politician Frances Perkins, the Secretary of Labour in Roosevelt's cabinet, arriving in Plymouth aboard US liner Washington en route to Geneva.

Frances Perkins: Architect of the New Deal

She designed Social Security and public works programs that helped bring millions out of poverty. Her work has been largely forgotten.
Benedetta Carlini

Lesbianism (!) at the Convent

Mother Superior Benedetta Carlini, a visionary nun of Renaissance Italy, was accused of heresy and “female sodomy.”