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emerald faith rutledge

emerald faith (they/them) is an English PhD candidate at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, where they also received their master’s degrees in English and Afro-American studies. Their research interests include 20th century African American literature, Black queer literatures, Black queer theory, and Black feminisms. Formerly an associate editor at Black Perspectives and editorial fellow at JSTOR Daily, emerald is a contributing writer and series editor for Black Women Radicals. You can follow them on twitter @emeraldfaith.

JT Roane alongside the cover of his book, Dark Agoras: Insurgent Black Social Life and the Politics of Place

Historian J.T. Roane Explores Black Ecologies

Considerations of climate change and environmentalism have for too long paid no mind to where Black people live and in what conditions.
Three covers from Venus Magazine

From the Black Queer South to the World

Across its twelve-year lifespan, Atlanta-based Venus magazine brought southern voices to the larger Black queer print media network.