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Alison Carr-Chellman

Alison Carr-Chellman is Dean, School of Education and Health Sciences, University of Dayton. Dean Carr-Chellman earned her doctorate at Indiana University, master’s and bachelor’s at Syracuse University. Her focus areas include diffusion of innovations, school change, systems theory, gaming to learn, distance education, cybercharter schools and research methods. She has more than 100 publications ranging from books to chapters to refereed journal articles. She has spoken widely around the issues associated with boys and educational gaming, cybercharters and virtual academies and futuring for public school change. She has consulted with nonprofits and corporations as well as schools on a wide variety of topics and has continued to practice instructional design throughout her career. Hailing from Ohio, Dean Carr-Chellman attended Ohio State University and focused on elementary education there. She taught kindergarten and third grade before returning to graduate school to focus on powerful ways to change schools. She has a well-known TED talk on the topic of boys and educational gaming.

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