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Natalie M. Susmann

Natalie Susmann is a Mediterranean Landscape Archaeologist with a PhD from Boston University. She currently works at Brandeis University, as the Digital Scholarship Librarian and Lecturer in Classical and Early Mediterranean Studies. Her research explores human valuation of nature and social memory on the ancient Greek sacred landscape. She emphasizes the humanness of placemaking, drawing on examples across time and space. As an educator of history and archaeology, Natalie helps students discover how technology shapes our perceptions of the past. Learn more about her work at

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Modeling Cultural Networks in the Classroom with Constellate

Using JSTOR’s Constellate lab to teach students how to do digital text analysis and data visualization for historical subjects.
The Argive Heraion sanctuary, looking towards the New Temple

Layers and Landmarks at the Argive Heraion

Using text analysis tools such as JSTOR's Constellate helps archaeologists see how the meanings and interpretations of heritage sites have changed over time.