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Marc Weidenbaum

Marc Weidenbaum founded the website in 1996 at the intersection of sound, art, and technology. Since 2012 he’s moderated the Disquiet Junto, an online community engaged in weekly music composition prompts. A former editor of Tower Records’ Pulse! music magazine, he’s the author of the 33 1⁄3 book on Aphex Twin’s album Selected Ambient Works Volume II, and has written for Nature, The Wire, Boing Boing, Pitchfork, Downbeat, NewMusicBox, and Hilobrow, among other periodicals. His sonic consultancy has included mobile GPS apps, coffee-shop sound design, comics editing for Red Bull Music Academy, and music supervision for film. His sound art has been exhibited at galleries in Dubai, Los Angeles, and Manhattan, as well as at the San Jose Museum of Art. Originally from New York, he’s a longtime resident of San Francisco, California.
American actors Cindy Williams (right) and Ron Howard as Laurie and Steve on the set of the Lucasfilm production 'American Graffiti',

The Sonic Triumph of American Graffiti

In 1973, George Lucas joined forces with sound designer Walter Murch to celebrate a bygone era. They ended up revolutionizing the role music plays in film.