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John Schaefer

John Schaefer

John Schaefer received his A.B. from Harvard University in History and Science. He previously joined the Plant Humanities Initiative as a Digital Plant Humanities Intern and is pursuing an MPhil in Digital Humanities at Trinity College, Cambridge as the 2022-23 Eben Fiske Scholar. He is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary application of plants as teaching tools in conservation, ecology, and evolutionary biology at botanic gardens, as well as increasing public engagement with archival collections through the digital humanities.

An illustration of Rafflesia arnoldii, 1821

Plant of the Month: Corpse Lily

The largest flower on the planet—a gigantic, pungent parasite—reveals deep genetic mysteries and unique conservation challenges.
Illustration of Drosera arcturi

Plant of the Month: Sundew

Beautiful but deadly, the carnivorous sundew has long fascinated amateur and expert botanists alike—and may possess untapped medicinal value.