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Black and white headshot of author Jenny Carney

Jenny Carney

Jenny Carney is a Principal and LEED Fellow at YR&G. She heads up YR&G’s Business & Operations Team and manages the Chicago office. She frequently delivers presentations and trainings pertaining to green buildings, sustainability, and LEED to local, regional, national, and international audiences. Prior to joining the green building community, Jenny worked as a terrestrial ecology and climate change researcher, environmental program developer and manager, and community-based environmental outreach specialist. She received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Lawrence University and a Masters of Science in Forest Ecosystem Ecology from the University of Wisconsin.

Two hikers walking in the woods with their camping backbacks

Go Outside, It’s Good for You

If E.O. Wilson is right, that our love of nature is innate, what does it mean to be cloistering ourselves inside, away from it?