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Ivan Kreilkamp

Ivan Kreilkamp is Professor of English at Indiana University. He has published three books, Voice and the Victorian Storyteller (Cambridge, 2005), Minor Creatures: Persons, Animals, and the Victorian Novel (Chicago, 2018), and A Visit From the Goon Squad Reread (Columbia, 2021), and has also published widely on arts, music, and literature in publications including Public BooksThe New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker online, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the New Republic, Senses of Cinema, and elsewhere.

Up the Junction by Nell Dunn

Up the Junction: A Place, A Fiction, A Film, A Condition

In addition to a New Wave hit, Nell Dunn's 1963 book about young women in a poor London neighborhood inspired a Ken Loach adaption that helped shift British attitudes toward abortion.