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Eric Been

Eric Been

Eric Allen Been is a writer and editor. He’s not based in Brooklyn. He’s contributed to the Los Angeles Review of Books, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, Vanity Fair, Playboy, The Boston Globe, MIT’s Undark Magazine, Vox, Harvard Magazine, OneZero, and more. Find him on Twitter at @ericallenbeen.

Philosopher John Gray beside a cat

John Gray: Cats Can Teach Us about the Meaning of Life

Philosopher John Gray on why he is critical of prevailing ideas of progress, his friendship with Isaiah Berlin, and the wisdom of cats.
A photograph of Terry Southern and a still from Dr. Strangelove

Terry Southern’s Lucid Absurdities

From his novels Candy and The Magic Christian to his work on Dr. Strangelove and Barbarella, Terry Southern sought to expose madness.