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Benjamin Linzy

Benjamin Linzy works as the Program Coordinator for Humanities Without Walls (HWW) in support of the $1.3 million HWW grant project at Marquette University jointly developed between the HWW Consortium based at the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Marquette University. He is the Senior Researcher at the Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach at Marquette University. Benjamin received his MA in Global History with an emphasis on Middle East and North African history from Marquette University in 2017 and an MS in Criminology from the University of Cincinnati in 2021. He is a PhD candidate in American History at Marquette University. His research interests include international reactions to genocide, domestic right-wing terrorist movements, and transnational paramilitarism, with a focus on the link between state suppression and non-state actor violence.

From Imperialism to Postcolonialism: Key Concepts

An introduction to the histories of imperialism and the writings of those who grappled with its oppressions and legacies in the twentieth century.