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Alexandra Juhasz

Alexandra Juhasz

Alexandra Juhasz is the incoming chair of the Film Department at Brooklyn College, CUNY. She makes and studies committed media practices that contribute to political change and individual and community growth.  She is the author of AIDS TV: Identity, Community and Alternative VideoWomen of Vision: Histories in Feminist Film and VideoF is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth’s Undoing, co-edited with Jesse Lerner; Learning from YouTube; co-edited with Alisa Lebow, The Blackwell Companion on Contemporary Documentary, and with Yvonne Welbon, Sisters in the Life: 25 Years of African-American Lesbian Filmmaking. Dr. Juhasz is also the producer of the feature films The Watermelon Woman and The Owls. Her current work is on and about feminist Internet culture including YouTube and feminist pedagogy and community. With Anne Balsamo, she was co-facilitator of the network, FemTechNet, which debuted its feminist rethinking of a MOOC, a Distributed Online Open Course “Dialogues in Feminist Technology” in Fall 2013.

Four Hard Truths about Fake News

Let me begin with four fake truths that I hold to be self-evident. What follows is their brief ...
Philando Castile shooting video

How Do I (Not) Look? Live Feed Video and Viral Black Death

When we have the choice to look, we are bound ethically and politically to what we witness and what we do with what we have seen.