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Liz Tracey

His Girl Friday

Rory Gilmore: The New New Woman

…more than marriage and motherhood, her freedom symbolized by bicycle riding, cigarette smoking, and pursuit of the arts–often as a writer of fiction and journalism. In 1894, an article by…

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The Rise and Fall of Pay Toilets

Ever wondered who first invented the pay toilet? The institution may just go back longer than you’d suspect. The Ancient Romans were not the first to have sophisticated…

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Roanoke baptism

Our Long Roanoke Nightmare

The sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story premiered on September 14th after a lengthy campaign of intentional obfuscation, including 24 trailers that may or may not…

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Blake's "Newton"

Does Science Destroy Wonder?

In his new book, The Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe challenges the idea that language is a product of evolution, claiming it must have come through some other…

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genetic manipulation

Genetic Manipulation: The Next Big Thing

In science, the “big papers” (those that announce a major discovery or significant breakthrough) are usually found in the “big journals”: Cell, Nature, or Science. These publications are…

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“Stupidity Virus?” Not Quite

The last few days have brought reports of scientists finding a virus that may affect cognitive function in those infected by it. While you can’t begrudge publications their…

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