(Un)Catalogued: Meat and Potatoes: The Reminiscences of Alonzo Davis

In April 1863, the men of the 4th California infantry were hungry. They were posted at Drum Barracks ...

(Un)Catalogued: Searching for Emmett Mills

It was springtime, in 1920. Three men disembarked from a train in a high desert town and loaded ...

(Un)Catalogued: Making Claims

How claims records and other documents serve as historical sources.

A Complicated Man: John Baylor’s Letters to His Family

How could John Baylor have done such terrible thing and simultaneously be so effusively affectionate in his letters home?

(Un)Catalogued: Reading the Landscape

For the past two months, I have been on a researching road trip through the West and Southwest—Colorado, ...

(Un)Catalogued: Visualizing History

What can visual images tell us about the past? For most historians (who are not art historians), the ...

(Un)Catalogued: Finding Your Place in Letters

For scholars of American history, letter-writing makes historical research possible.

(Un)Catalogued: Adventures in Historical Research

Megan Kate Nelson, a historian of Civil War and the American Southwest, is behind the (Un)Catalogued Column for JSTOR Daily.